About Us

Hi! Thanks for visiting our shop. These garments have been years in the making. As set partners, we have worked on numerous shows together making “on the fly” protective wear for intimate scenes. There was never a standard or required garment, so most of the time we were crafting makeshift undergarments out of anything we could find in our costume shop or wardrobe truck. Our goal was to make something to protect our actors while also making them feel comfortable and confident. It wasn’t until working with an intimacy coordinator that all of the pieces started firmly coming together. And thus the beginning stages of our products were born. With the guidance, education and design consultation of intimacy coordinator extraordinaire, Claire Warden (of IDC Professionals), and the expert pattern making and tailoring skills of Seana Gordon, we present to you a solution to protecting your actors during these vulnerable scenes. Here’s to more protected, easier and quicker days on set!

We are women-owned and operated. Based in Brooklyn, New York. Our garments are manufactured locally in a facility in Brooklyn. We use sustainable and recyclable packaging to contribute the least amount possible to the waste in our industry.


Meet the Team:

Taylor Smith Giresi - co-founder, Emmy-nominated wardrobe supervisor, set costumer, mom

Lucia Shapiro - co-founder, set costumer on Emmy-winning TV shows, skilled crafter.