keeping actors covered and confident

In collaboration with Intimacy Coordinators, we have crafted specific garments for use in scenes that require nudity, simulated intercourse and the overall general comfort of actors and performers. We are proud to be the first US-based protective modesty garment company.

  • The Name

    "Covvier" (pronounced kuh-vee-ur) came about from blending the words 'cover' and 'barrier' together.

  • Returns/Exchanges & Shipping

    Please click the Returns & Exchanges and Shipping links at the bottom of the website for all details. All sales are final. However, if you determine a color is not correct, you can exchange for a different color of your choosing if package is unopened and unused.

  • Questions, Comments, Tags

    Please let us know how our product works for you! We value your feedback and reviews. If you love it, please tag us! @covvier_garments

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Garments in action

This is just the beginning of the networks that our garments have been used on. We are excited to continue adding to the list!

IDC Professionals

We work closely with the Intimacy Professionals at IDC. They are the pioneers of Intimacy Coordinators on set and we believe their work is changing the industry.

Check out their work!