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The Kit Bundle - The Strapless Thong

The Kit Bundle - The Strapless Thong

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15% off! A Strapless Thong in every color to fully equip your kit.

This minimal garment is designed for maximal coverage. The raw edge makes it customizable to fit the person wearing it. It can be cut down if needed and edges won't fray. It has built in "wings" for extra coverage. It comes with a flat barrier that is soft and flexible for movement and comfort, while providing protection between performers.

Don't forget the K-Tape! See our shop for options.

See our "tips for wear" page for more information on how to apply this garment for best fit.

Contents: 82% nylon, 18% spandex, neoprene insert 


82% Nylon, 18% Spandex, neoprene insert


Sz 1

14" length (top to tail)

7 1/4" width of top

3 1/4" width of wings

1 1/4" width of tail

Sz 2

14.5" length (top to tail)

7 7/8" width of top

4 1/4" width of wings

1 7/8" width of tail

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold, delicate. Air dry. Do not bleach, iron or tumble dry.

Returns & Exchanges

All sales are final. However, if you determine the color you ordered is incorrect you may exchange for a different color. Original product must be unopened and unused.

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